8 ‌Ways‌ ‌to‌ ‌Make‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Business‌ ‌More‌ ‌Eco-Conscious‌ ‌

Making your business more eco-friendly has a positive impact on the environment and community, but also affects the way customers perceive your company. You get to save a significant amount of money by going green, too. Sounds great, right?

Environmental concerns are making a huge impact on the business world. Reducing environmental footprint is becoming a priority for more and more businesses worldwide. 

If you strive to make your business greener but you are not sure where to start, here are 9 ideas to inspire you!

Thoughtful use of paper

Using online contact forms, newsletters and digital recordkeeping is a simple step with big results! Opt for digital copies whenever possible and double-sided ones when you have to print.

 Also, take into account that using recycled paper provides the most environmental benefits

Post-consumer waste (PCW) paper is the best one to buy as no trees are cut down to make it. Producing recycled Kraft pulp requires 33% less energy overall compared to making virgin chemical pulp. 

Use water wisely

It is important to note that a leaking faucet can cost you a lot, as well as the running toilet. Wasting water negatively affects your costs and Earth.

Consider investing in rainwater harvesting systems, installing waterless urinals and low-flow toilets. These are smart economic and environmental choices. 

Upgrading equipment like laundry systems and dishwashers can also save water and energy. 

Cut energy costs

Save energy and cut energy costs by installing a solar water heating system. Solar panels can also generate electricity, but there are more renewable resources to consider. 

Wind, geothermal energy and even heat generated by the company’s computers can be used to make your business greener. 

Purchase energy-efficient equipment and products as they minimize the exploitation of natural resources and support sustainability. 

Efficient equipment can conserve natural resources even when it comes to the oil industry, generally considered to have a negative impact on nature. Using the right tools like premium performance tubulars to provide quality services in all types of oilfield applications helps ensure a safe environment. Leveraging reliable products like these ones in challenging environments is crucial. 

Use environment-friendly cleaning products

What’s being poured down the drain is important. Adopting eco-friendly cleaning practices reduces the negative impact that cleaning has on the environment

Green cleaning products are free of toxins, carcinogens, teratogens, and endocrine disruptors. Most of these products are naturally derived, safe and made using biodegradable ingredients that are easy on our mother Earth.

Did you know that ordinary vinegar can replace numerous products like mold removers and window cleaners for pennies on the dollar? You can’t get more budget-friendly and earth-friendly cleaning products. 

Opting for eco-friendly all-purpose cleaners will also help you keep your budget on track.

Choose sustainable packaging 

Using eco-conscious packaging is safer and healthier for people and the environment as most of the materials are natural. 

Avoid using plastics made from polyethylene, Styrofoam, multi-layered packaging and non-recyclable materials altogether. 

Instead, opt for:

  • Recycled products
  • Biodegradable plastics
  • Plant-based plastics
  • Recycled molded packaging
  • Reusable packaging materials like higher quality bottles, boxes, and bags

Adopt a minimalistic approach to packing and try to use as little packaging as possible. 

Reuse, repurpose, donate

Much of the things we want to get rid of can be given another life by converting into new products. Try to creatively reuse items you were about to throw out. 

Purchasing recycled or repurposed goods will allow you to pinch your pennies while helping the environment. Buying used items like cars or computers will also help you save a bundle and conserve resources. 

Donating stuff your company doesn’t need anymore can extend their life while giving back to the community. 

Decrease fossil fuel use

If you are looking for ways to make your business more eco-conscious, consider getting a hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles for your company. This will reduce fossil fuel use and the emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere. Avoiding increasingly high prices at the pump is a plus. 

You can also encourage your employees to go green by offering them incentives to buy electric or hybrid vehicles. 

Some companies allow their employees to work from home for a day a week or more to reduce carbon emissions. Consider a four-day workweek as it reduces carbon footprint while lowering stress levels among the workforce and increasing job satisfaction. 

Support greener transportation options

Bikes, electric/gas scooters, and public transportation not only save you money but are also environment-friendly transportation alternatives. If pedaling is included, they are good for health as well! 

Electric bikes don’t release harmful emissions and require only light pedaling. Offering bike racks, lockers and showers can encourage your employees to switch to greener alternatives.

Carpooling is another great economic and ecological option as it saves money and reduces the number of vehicles on the road, which decreases pollution. 

By making your business more eco-conscious, you are likely to stand out and be more appealing to potential customers. This can enhance your company’s image and increase brand loyalty since environmentally conscious consumers will notice if your company is making an effort to improve the environment and the community.

With energy and gas prices about to rise further, this will also cut your expenses. 

Bear in mind that every step you take to conserve nature, however small, benefits the planet and your business as well.