How two guys turned 10 hours into one amazing company.

DrawAttention started when in November of 2014, Kyle made a whiteboard sticker for his laptop and posted a picture of it on Facebook. It exploded with likes, comments, and requests to buy one. That’s it, that’s all it took. He spent $13 on a domain name, whipped up a logo, and in 10 hours - built a site with e-commerce, social media, and email marketing. Did we mention he’s a web developer?

But DrawAttention hit it’s first challenge: it needed copy for the freaking website. Kyle reached out to Eric Swayne, who was working from home watching his sick kids (and happens to be the VP Product & Marketing for a social software company), wrote all the copy for our first site that afternoon. Since then, DrawAttention has found amazing traction thanks to all of you internet activists at Reddit, Product Hunt, and general whiteboard enthusiasts. Now, the company we started on a whim, has become something much more than its co-founders had planned.

Kyle Taylor

I’m Kyle Taylor, your friendly neighborhood web developer and community startup evangelist (amongst a million other things) in North Texas. I have a habit of working out of coffee shops on Sundays, making myself available for conversation and advice, which I drew inspiration from for DrawAttention. Long story short, I enjoy helping people.

Have a question about web development? Maybe I can help. Want to talk startups? Pull up a chair. Interested in getting more involved in the startup community? Oh man, we’ll need another cup of coffee.

Eric Swayne

I’m Eric Swayne, and I’m best known as a data geek. I’m a Marketing Consultant, a Product Manager for a social software company, and on the board of Digital Dallas. I started DrawAttention with Kyle because I like making awesome things. And my Contrarian DJ Edition IS awesome.

If you wanna make sense of data, then draw it on your awesome laptop lid, let’s chat. Over coffee. Because nothing happens without coffee.


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