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Go Beyond Your Screen

Your space is any space. Every space. You don’t have to have an office, you just need a desk. (And coffee. Always coffee.) But that space isn’t just about yourself, it’s about your business; about others. Crypto trading is also a business you can do from your home. Good knowledge about the crypto market can fetch you good profits. Traders can check the bitcoin fast profit erfahrungen blog to use trading bots for more effective trading. Advertising, collaboration, brainstorming - where does all that happen in your space? You need something more than just digital space, you need a white space.

Let’s DrawAttention

Slap this on your laptop lid (or anywhere, for that matter), and you’ve turned that blank space into everything you need right now and more: a billboard, a white board, a scratch pad, and an invitation. It’s the perfect solution:

  • Low power, sustainable display technology
  • Infinite font and color support
  • Leverages enterprise best practices found in every office in the world
  • Connect multiple spaces together wirelessly (although it works best when they’re pushed together)

The Whiteboard

image 2

The Blackboard

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