Frequently Asked Questions

Alright already, we’ll try to answer your questions.
But who’s gonna answer our questions?

Is this a real product?
Yes, yes it is.

Will this work with any kind of marker?
No. Well, it depends on how you define that. With a Sharpie we can only guarantee it will work once. Dry-Erase? At least a couple more times than that.

Seriously though, we have noticed that older markers (they do NOT say “low odor”) can leave marks that are extremely hard to get off. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t remember when you bought the marker, you probably shouldn’t use it on your DrawAttention board. Use low-odor when possible. There’s science behind it, most of it we don’t understand, but we know it works. See our Marker FAQ video for more details.

What if you don’t have my specific laptop’s size?
Then we advise the same process as when buying holiday sweatpants: buy big & trim down. You can also buy smaller than you need, you just won’t have the maximum possible whiteboardage coverage.

Can I put this on my tablet or phone?
Yep, more than one! We recommend The Contrarian 17″ + Xacto knife + a ruler + friends + booze AFTER you cut to make a few device boards at once. We will also soon be releasing boards for some of the more common phone sizes for you lazy people.

Can I take it off later?
What are we, your parents? Yes you can. In fact, the DrawAttention board is made with a water-based, semi-permanent, re-positionable adhesive substrate that we’ve tested to come off clean with no residue. Of course, there’s a lot of variables in the world and no one’s going to stop you from leaving your laptop on your dashboard in the middle of the summer.

If you’re really concerned, we suggest buying a case and applying the DrawAttention board to that.

Do you offer bulk pricing?
Much like your neighborhood Costco with significant quantities of mayonnaise, yes we do. Bulk pricing applies to orders 100+, contact us for details.