The Value of Employee Retention and How an App Can Improve It

With remote work available for everyone, job markets all over the world opened up new opportunities, and employees are willing to take them. Great resignation is a trend every business owner should fear. So, to prevent it you need to understand the true value of employee retention and why is it so important.

Besides stating the obvious, employee retention improves your reputation as an employer, helps you develop your company further, and saves you money. Old and sleazy HR tricks aren’t enough anymore to make your employees stay. Consider implementing an app that will help you there! 

1. Minimize turnover 

During the time of job hopping, one of the main focuses of managers is how to decrease fluctuation and turnover rates. With remote work, employees are quick to make a decision to change jobs, but an app can help you increase retention and create a pleasant, welcoming environment for all. How can you do that?

An employee app keeps your workforce engaged and attached to the job. It provides them with interesting and informative content, and all the information they need to perform their tasks. In addition to that, you can make new job openings available to all your internal employees to minimize fluctuation and resignation.

2. Maximize efficiency 

A popular opinion among employers and managers is that technology use slows us down and distracts us from our main goals. However, with a user-friendly interface, an employee app can maximize the efficiency of your team, making tasks easier to access and quicker to complete. On top of that, these kinds of apps are a real-time-saver in a lot of processes happening in the company.

For instance, an employee app can help you improve your time management without tracking or logging time spent working. All the paperwork that used to be done manually can now be generated through an app, which saves time for the HR department and the employees. 

3. Improve the feedback process

The feedback process is one of the crucial aspects of a healthy business. Without adequate and constructive feedback, your employees will start to lose interest in the tasks and seek other opportunities. On the other hand, receiving feedback is as important! Listening to what your employees have to say plays a huge role in retention. What can the app do to improve that process?

You can schedule one-on-one feedback meetings with employees through the app. However, you can also collect their feedback through built-in and custom-made surveys. It’s an opportunity to give and receive feedback, as well as practice two-way communication that is essential for retention. 

4. Boost communication

A clear and transparent organization has more success in retaining employees than those who are not. With clear news, information, and data streamlined through an app, you’re boosting corporate communication on many different levels. 

Peer-to-peer, top-down, and bottom-up are core communication processes that can be streamlined through the software. Different types of communication have many benefits to the company and its employees. So, if you decide to implement an app, find out more here about all the ways it can help your business bloom.

5. Insight in employee analytics

Besides the feedback and communication, we mustn’t neglect employee analytics as one of the main parts of the employee software. Such data help experts create a more pleasant workplace and easier HR processes for all.

Through various built-in and custom-made surveys, you can gain insight into the good, the bad, and the ugly of your business. Use the information wisely to improve the processes and find more about your employees and their daily struggles!

Wrapping up

For a successful organization, the retention of top talent is the core of the business. Luckily, an employee app can help you achieve that and gain more benefits for your workforce. Appreciate your employees enough to provide them with a safe space such as employee software.