5 Effective Ways to Attract Millennial Programmers to Your Startup

The millennial demographic is a unique one, with its various idiosyncrasies that can make a business owner’s head hurt, but also bring tremendous value to the modern brand. Love it, hate it, you need millennials on your team in order to fuel your brand’s growth in the long run, especially if you’re running a tech company and are in need of some tech-savvy digital natives. 

Among other crucial employee types every startup needs (and an established business for that matter), it seems that the millennial employee is one of the most valuable assets – provided that you know how to attract and retain millennials in the first place. Here to help you achieve these are five great ways you can attract millennial programmers to your startup.

Emphasize the perks millennials love

First things first, and you might have heard this already, you really need to get into the millennial mindset if you are to attract them to your doorstep, and incentivize them to apply for a position in your company. This means that, without taking salary and bonuses into account, you need to make a list of perks the majority of millennial job seekers are looking for – incentives that will not only inspire them to apply but stay with your brand in the long run.

For example, some of these perks include on-site fitness facilities, on-site meal services, and various dietary options (keep vegetarians and vegans in mind), on-site healthcare services in the form of psychological counseling and the like. What’s more, consider other modern perks such as unlimited vacation days, flexible work schedules, telecommuting, paternity leave, and more. These are the perks the millennial employee is looking for, perks that will allow them to create a healthy work-life balance.

Automate as much as you can

Of course, there are some perks that deserve a separate mention. One of these is, of course, the need for automation in the workplace. There is probably no better way to deter millennial job seekers than to inadvertently raise employee effort by sticking to the old ways of doing business. In other words, if you want to attract millennial coders, you need to minimize their workload through company-wide automation. Not only is this good for the employee, but your company as well.

For example, by automating the payroll process, you will be to focus on delivering value in the areas that truly matter, instead of wasting time and energy on menial tasks. Besides, your millennial employees will much prefer if you use personalized payroll cards instead of paper checks, as it is a more convenient alternative that gives them quick access to their money. Automation will allow you to minimize financial expenditure, optimize payroll expenses, and hire only the top talent you really need instead of wasting resources on job positions that can be run by a piece of software or hardware.

Provide an opportunity to socialize and grow

You probably know by now that the millennial workforce is a fleeting, or transient one, so to speak. Companies are struggling to retain talent in the long run simply because millennials are not bound to the idea of a single job or a single career path. And that’s fine, but it does mean that companies are losing money because of the relatively high turnover rate. Two of the most important elements that influence this trend are professional growth, and networking opportunities.

Business leaders are mitigating these risks by having their team members work in fully-equipped coworking spaces in order to provide ample opportunity for socialization, networking, and long-term professional growth. If you want your millennial employees to be happy, or attract millennial programmers, then perhaps you should shape their work environment in such a way that allows them to socialize with their colleagues, but also meet new and interesting people. 

This is one of the reasons why coworking spaces have become so popular around the world in recent years, and they might be the key to long-term employee satisfaction.

Focus on the individual and their needs

Not a single millennial wants to feel as if they are just a number or another sheep in the herd. Every millennial wants and needs to feel valued, respected, and most importantly, appreciated for their unique talents and skills. In a nutshell, you need to recognize the value that a millennial individual brings to your brand, and tailor their job experience accordingly. In turn, this will boost engagement and long-term satisfaction. With that in mind, be sure to go the extra mile to make your new employee feel welcome and valued, and provide whatever they may need to get the job done.

Imbue the workplace with the right brand culture

And finally, remember that the millennial values the culture of a company more than anything else. If your brand doesn’t portray a healthy image, if it doesn’t have the right values or the company culture, then there is not a paycheck big enough to attract let alone retain a millennial programmer. Because if you can’t provide a positive brand experience, you can bet that your competitors will, and the millennial knows it. Be sure to build your brand culture on the foundation on positive values, honesty and transparency, equality, communication, and respect.

Wrapping up

Millennials are hard to attract and even harder to retain over the long run, especially if you’re running a startup. Use these valuable tips to build a strong competitive edge as an employer, and inspire millennial coders to join your ranks, but most importantly, to fall in love with your brand.