DrawAttention Supports Kevin Roden: Why We Donated to his Campaign

Hi everyone - Eric here. We’ve had a cubic ton of fun building and growing DrawAttention as a business, and it’s all possible because of the brilliant people who bought into our company, and bought our product.

But beyond people who gave us their hard-earned cash (or hey, it could be lazily-earned, we’re not going to judge), there’s another group of people who have been a part of this company’s success: the often unsung heroes that helped to create this North Texas startup ecosystem of communities where Kyle and I met. All of these players have given of themselves, their time, and their energy to create this garden where great things can grow - and all of them have also promoted the great startups that sprout from it with tireless passion.

In our home town of Denton, TX that community effort has been led, in large part, by Kevin Roden. Kyle and I were both at the first Denton “tech community” meeting Kevin hosted at his house - long before DrawAttention had begun.

Kevin has since embodied the mantra of Give Before You Get: from his well-known and long-running Creative Mixers (often hosted in his own home), to his active participation in Code for America, to his support in bringing trancparency to the City of Denton using open data, to the first ever Little Denton Open Coffee Club (I was lucky to be the moderator at that meeting), to his attendance at many student-led hackathons and startup community events, and most recently driving economic investment from the City of Denton that is now headed to create The Railyard - a coworking/incubation space soon to be built. Kevin is a model citizen of how to be involved in your community, at any level. I know that none of this happens without a LOT of people working together, but I also know that none of this happens without Kevin Roden.

Kyle and I both believe deeply in the Denton tech community, and we’re proud to have started our first business here. We also believe that Kevin has been an important force for that community in his role as Councilman, and we want that to continue. And finally, we believe that businesses should put their money where their mouth is and do what’s right for their communities. For these reasons, I’m proud to state that Kyle and I have invested $500 in the campaign for Kevin Roden from the profits earned by DrawAttention.

Kevin - thank you for all you do for Denton. We look forward to more and greater things in your third term.