Choose Your Weapon

The Blackboard is specially designed so that it works with chalk, neon Expo dry-erase, and opaque wet-erase pens equally well.  This lets you enjoy the rustic feel of raw calcium carbonate in your hand, or go for a more modern feel with your wet-erase markers. Or both, if you're a dual-wielding character.


Create Your Art

You know what's awesome about chalk? It's not just a writing tool, it's an artistic medium. Sure you can get by for a simple game of Pictionary on a whiteboard, but chalk lets you create something truly moving. Shade, smear, erase and draw - all on your new Blackboard, anywhere your laptop goes with you. The only chalk-ready surface more ubiquitous is the sidewalk.


Of Course, You Must Have Questions

Is this an actual blackboard?

Yep! But without the heavy slate and ear piercing scratch. This is an unique vinyl product with a removable adhesive that will stick to your laptop lid (or case) just like our regular whiteboards, but with a darker take on the space.

So is it smooth like a whiteboard?

No, this product actually has a bit of texture to it, which is what makes it work with actual chalk. It's an extremely durable finish, and will not affect any of your cases or backpacks. 

Will this come off my laptop clean? Can I put it on my company laptop?

Yes, and yes! Just like our whiteboard product, the adhesive is fully removable at any time, and won't leave any residue on your laptop. We tested this product for weeks on multiple common laptop materials to make sure it held on as long as you could want, yet would come off completely when you were ready for it to go.

What kind of markers work with The Blackboard?

You can use any type of opaque, wet-erase marker, Most of these, in fact, are chalk-based themselves. We've tested extensively with brands like EXPO's Bright Sticks and EXPO Neon Dry Erase, and they work great. Plus, they're fluorescent, so they really pop in blacklight.

Are they more expensive than your whiteboards?

Nope! Same price. Part of our extensive research included finding raw materials that cost similar to our current whiteboard materials, so the final retail price stayed the same.