Best Medical Transcription Solutions in 2018

Medical Transcription

This is a process which is also known as MT and is concerned with the actual method of transcribing voice recordings which are dictated by physicians or other healthcare workers into written form.

This is a very important segment of the healthcare industry since it deals with preparing and correcting doctor’s orders. It also deals with rendering information about procedures and additional notes, even forming complete treatment history of patients.

The Process of Dictation

The process of orally describing what the patient has been through or what is ahead of them is called medical dictation. Healthcare workers describe what they have done after certain procedures and MT’s register and transcribe the oral dictation. This is done by using speech recognition software.

In order for this to be realized the software has information about typing and formatting functions. These are established through given and existing criterion and formats. The program recognizes common phrases and medical lingo. It has a database for this information and resorts to it. The program needs to be trained to do this but it also acquires new words and phrases during use. It is highly efficient and helpful.

Errors and Corrections

The MT does not only note words it registers but it also corrects any errors it might detect. It corrects it into medical terminology or corrects any possible dictation errors. They are practical and fast and deliver the finished transcription in a timely manner.


Programs and Systems

A typical medical transcription program will involve learning to transcribe and interpret oral dictation and transform it into readable information about test results, diagnosis, operative processes and other additional notes.

Time-Saving and Efficient

The speech recognition software will prepare and show reviews and corrections. This will help in determining any possible errors and complete the text at a quick pace. Any information that might be missing will be shown in the report. It can also find inconsistencies and incorrect information.

It will contain medical jargon and medical abbreviations into longer forms. This was also shown to be very practical and efficient.

Editors and Transcriptionists

Medical transcription editors also require education and training. This job is very similar to regular medical transcriptionists. Medical transcription editors transition from transcribing to editing more often than not since they have many parallels. Even in many schools which deal with healthcare, there has been a growing interest in having training programs regarding medical transcription.


Quality training is essential to acquiring the knowledge needed to perform at such jobs. What is more, one should gain some sort of work experience beforehand.  If you are about to graduate from medical school and are in training try getting any form of work experience at the same time. Future employers will be more likely to consider hiring you with such experience.

This is especially true for the medical transcription branch of healthcare since it requires extensive and vast knowledge. Interestingly enough, people have to learn new words and phrases in medical jargon in order to keep up with the speech recognition software.