Due to the custom nature of our products, no returns are accepted. All sales are final. For items damaged during shipping, please contact us for replacement information.

What if my vinyl is damaged during application?
Vinyl damaged/ruined during application is not eligible for return. However, we can send an exact replacement for a reduced fee, please contact us for replacement information.

We do not guarantee that our vinyl products will be compatible with all surfaces or that they will work on one laptop or device in the same way as another. Not all laptops, devices, walls, painted surfaces and textures are created equal. DrawAttention shall not be held liable in the rare event that any damage or paint removal is caused during installation or removal of our products. Apply at your own risk. If you are not sure if vinyl will stick to your desired surface, please contact us for a sample piece of vinyl to test out before you purchase.

Photo credit: Jbangelo, 2007